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          2.       上海地同家居有限公司,位于上海市金山區楓涇鎮,上海本土家具品牌,家具由公司自主研發設計,總部設在上海,主要承接國外訂單,同時進行內銷,地同家居立足設計優勢和恒定優越的品質,以“創享尚品生活”為經營理念,宣揚的是一種唯美而低調奢華的生活格調,力主營造有故事、有人文內涵的居住空間。

                   地同家居每一種款式都具有一定的溯源性,具有美好的設計感,看成經典之作,它深刻了解用戶的使用需求,致力于優家居產品的創造和實現,力求精確詮釋每位用戶的“HOME IDEA”,為對當代生活有獨特品味、追求生活品質的成功人士提供高價值感、高品位的產品及家居空間設計服務。

                    Shanghai Geocomer Home Co., Ltd. is located in Fengjing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai. Shanghai local furniture brand. The furniture is independently designed and developed by the company. Its headquarter is located in Shanghai. It mainly undertakes orders from abroad, and sells domestic products at the same time. The superior quality, with the business philosophy of “Chuangxing Shangpin Life”, promotes a beautiful and understated luxury life style, and strives to create a living space with stories and cultural connotations.
                    Every style in the same home has a certain traceability, has a good sense of design, as a classic, it deeply understands the user's needs, is committed to the creation and implementation of excellent home products, and strive to accurately interpret each user The "HOME IDEA" provides high-value, high-quality products and home space design services for successful people who have unique tastes and quality of life in contemporary life.

            • 聯系人:何經理
            • 電話:18512196986
            • 地址:上海市金山區楓涇鎮環東一路65弄7號